Yikes! Less than 30 days until Chicago. Less than 60 days until New York City. Less than 90 days until Honolulu. 2018 will soon be here and the calendar has been set. Let's hope you were able to schedule well enough in advance to get into a Spring marathon next year.
If you are an American Woman distance runner that will graduate in 2018 and are looking into professional road racing and marathoning, I can help. E-mail me so I can let you know how.

If you are already a post-collegiate and have made attempts to find the right Coach, then I can help. If you feel comfortable sticking with your high school or college coach, but if their guidance is not doing it for you it's time for a change. E-mail me for a second opinion and better opportunities.
I know when you are ready to earn a 2020 U.S. Oly. Trials qualifier, but more importantly will you know?
If you're still in college let's talk about what it will take for you to be ready in 2024 or 2028. 2018 will be here sooner than you think.
What have you been doing to prepare? When will you know you are prepared?
80 miles per week just won't do it. Sacrifices have to be made. It will take time. Time, focus, dedication and a whole lot of months and miles.

Some thought last year (incorrectly), if I run 6 or 7 or 8 marathons I'll increase my chances. That is wrong thinking, oh so very wrong. Be honest with yourself. Be honest with your Coach.
You will need to put in a minimum of 90+ days of 90+ miles per week.
Preparation is the key. Are you anywhere near to unlocking the door?

Let's get you focused and ready for your goal Marathon next Fall... let's talk about stepping it up in 2018.
I can offer you a second opinion or a fresh start.

Consider what a change in coaching, environment or attitude might do for you.

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Boston Marathon Monday April 17th 2017
Congratulations to Jordan Hasay!
Her marathon debut is a huge new American Record. Looks like she will be going to Tokyo in 2020. Who would like to join her?
Houston Texas USATF Marathon Team Trials
Saturday January 14th 2012
Three are chosen for London.
Results from the 2013 California International Marathon
Sunday December 8th 2013
Congratulations to Rebecca for her impressive debut and first step towards the Trials.
Results from the 2013 USA Women's Marathon Championship
Twelve women got their time for the 2016 Marathon Trials.
It was also the 2013 USA Masters Marathon Championships
Two women Sheri and Wendi got the "B" standard.
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