"Answer Questions"
My new book is HERE!.
I have asked a lot of questions over the years and now have compiled them all in one place.
This book was one of several released in 2013.
There's more to come in 2017. Most find my Self Help books by doing a Google search of Tom Peterson + Amazon Kindle
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Answer Questions
I ask the questions, the answers come from within you.

Answer Questions
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September 20th 2009 Congratulations to Phebe Ko for a new half marathon 1:15:41 PR in Philadelphia!
Congratulations to Cheryl Smith for winning her third OC Marathon (2009) and for winning the Long Beach Marathon last October. Cheryl came back to Honolulu and ran a 17:18 5km on the track at UH-Manoa Friday 2/5/2010.
Congratulations to Phebe on her 2nd place finish at the National Half Marathon in Washington, D.C. Congratulations to Cheryl on her
10th place finish at the
Los Angeles Marathon March 21st.
Congratulations to Claudia and Sally for their Half Marathon at Vegas.