...or maybe I can.
Yes, she has fast times, but through the years someone didn't do their job. It might have been her high school coach, her college coach or the former 2:13 marathoner who coaches her face to face in Eugene, OR.
Perhaps they don't know how to teach proper form, perhaps they are just too lazy and thought she was fast enough.
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When you run with broken wrists and flippity floppity hands you won't have the power to dig deep and charge towards the finish.
If you want to outkick your competition you need to drop your hands and keep your wrists solid so you can pump the arms which will help you lift your knees.
Photos by Brightroom
I want to thank Brightroom for taking these photos in Flint August 22nd 2009.
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Again, she has a bright future and works hard, but my advice to her is to work smarter if she wants to reach the next level.
A Coach that can teach her proper form can make all the difference in the world.