My new book is due out soon, but you can enjoy part of it now. Below are the chapter titles, but you can consider it like a daily TO DO list.
Understand that it is copyrighted material, but I am willing to share with you now something that you can copy and paste and send to a friend in an e-mail or print out and post on your fridge or next to your mirror to inspire and motivate you throughout Everyday...
1. Breathe
2. Drink
3. Eat
4. Smile
5. Laugh
6. Love
7. Listen
8. Learn
9. Live
10. Hesitate
11. Count
12. Consider
13. Choose
14. Plan
15. Prepare
16. Think
17. Seek
18. Speak
19. Stand
20. Walk
21. Save
22. Dream
23. Wish
24. Teach
25. Share
26. Act
27. Stretch
28. Grow
Ambitious people always create a list that might seem a little too big, but they make the effort anyway.
Copyrighted 2011
Thomas A. Peterson
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Coach Tom and some runner friends in Waikiki.
Photo by Tesh Teshima