McCain/Palin-Right For America
"Tom's Books"
"Oahu Runners"
"A Full Life"
"Answer Questions"
"The Next Step"
"2016 Qualifiers"
"Photo Op"
"Bad Examples"
Yes! Proof positive that John McCain has a sense of humor and can deliver more than a few funny lines
More information about that "evil" International Republican Institute that you've heard the media talking about recently as they try to take the spotlight off Obama and tie McCain to terrorists
Obama shrills about McCain..."he's in cahoots with Joe the CEO". As clear and concise as possible...Obama is a LIAR and a FRAUD...used-car salesmen and mortgage brokers lie less than Obama
The Honolulu Advertiser did something smart and courageous, it chose not to endorse Barack Obama
If you think Obama is good for small business, think again...
No such thing as a Free Press at Obama's Victory Party
The left can't be bothered with the facts, but somehow they are
The genius of Hollywood
..."like a bad Disney movie"? Voter fraud in Florida
30,000 convicted felons on the voter rolls in the Sunshine state, too bad the chief elections officer doesn't see any problem with that and a democratic state senator wants to revoke the state's constitutional ban against felons voting...why? you might ask...because democratic felons outnumber republicans more than 2 to 1
More voter fraud in Florida...maybe a future felon...
Felons in Minnesota registered to vote
Voter fraud in Georgia, people found voting in two and three different states
New Mexico...Land of Enchantment? Or Land of Opportunity for more voter fraud from Obama paid employees?
Tainted and tampered ballots found in California, pre-marked for Obama it's not funny. Now what?
A cocktail reception with Barbra
Socialism 101
Socialism 202...Where Obama is deliberately fuzzy on the facts, lies about his associates and glosses over the gravity of his past affiliations
Obama talking about his socialist plan to dismantle the military..."we've got to have A Civilian National Security Force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded..."
Barack Obama in his own Unrepentant Socialist
More and more "old friends" from Barack's Chicago neighborhood keep popping up to remind us who Obama really is
Workers of the world rejoice...Barack Obama!
Obama and his long ago promises of an honest government that truly represented people and wasn't about enriching himself and other elected officials. gullible does he think you are?
Too many empty promises=Too many angry voters who were gullible enough to vote for Obama
Now that Obama promised voters everything, they will want to collect on the taxpayer money going to all his new socialist programs
This just in...the Associated Press is actually skeptical of his promises and offers a critical analysis of the economic proposals of "The One"
You want something for nothing? Then line up for Obama's gravy train...
Complexity over Clarity? Obama's Welfare Plan
I hate to bore you with the facts, but here they are..."Under Senator McCain's proposed policies, the top marginal rates (35 percent on individual income and 25 percent on corporate income) would be significantly lower than under Senator Obama's plan (39.6 and 35 percent, respectively)."
More Photos of Governor Palin visiting Alaskan National Guard Troops in Kuwait, July 2007
ABC News runs afoul of the Dems in Denver
This just in...The NY Times thinks the dems are powerless victims and the republicans are nefarious evil-doers who are responsible for everything bad
Bob Herbert extolls the vocabulary of victims..."disenfranchise", "prevent Democrats from voting"...while purposely ignoring the deliberate fraud and crimes perpetrated by ACORN and other supporters of Obama
If Maureen says it is so, it must be so
The NY Times dissects Cindy McCain...I am waiting for the same coverage of Democratic candidate Barack Obama. They wouldn't dare report on the background of his wife Michelle
Excellence in Journalism? Yeah, I can dream...
Objectivity in covering the presidential race? Yeah, I can dream...
The Associated Press shows their Love(n) for Obama
Embarrassed to call yourself a journalist? None of those writing glowing and adoring pieces of dribble about Obama seem to be
Joe Biden denies Obama quotes and the obvious "spread the wealth" comparisons to socialism
CBS 3 in Philadelphia asks tough questions and Joe Biden shows his brotherly love
You have the right to remain silent. Obama's handlers try to rein in Joe Biden
Joe Biden "spreads the wealth" to family members
Give until it hurts...Joe Biden opens up his wallet to charities
One of the smartest guys in Washington
the content of his character
Me? I am going to stick with judging them by the content of their character, or in Obama's case his lack thereof
Obama doesn't support his supporters
One of Obama's earliest national supporters was a convicted felon
Obama's HopeFund PAC
To all of those just now waking from your is just one more example why Obama is not capable or qualified to be Commander-in-Chief
The wisdom and depth of Obama's foreign policy experience
Obama has some illegal alien issues you might want to know about
Obama offers change...he's changed his mind on FISA, NAFTA, public financing in his campaign, town hall meetings with McCain, offshore drilling, nuclear and coal power, capital punishment, gun control, Iran, the surge of troops in Iraq, the future for Jerusalem, William Ayers, Rev. Wright and Tony Rezko
Barack Obama and his "paid" opposition to the 2nd Amendment. I guess if you pay him enough money his opinion or support can be bought
Barack Obama tells us that McCain``isn't fighting for Joe the Plumber; he's fighting for Joe the Hedge-Fund Manager.'' Yeah...right...and how many millions has Obama taken from Hedge-Fund Managers?
The media insists on gossiping about the clothes that Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin wears, but let's not talk about the tens of thousands spent to dress up Obama
A member of the media dubbed "Keating Five" is John Glenn and he supports Obama
brother can you spare a dime?
Obama's "Garden to Nowhere". Or should it be called "Gardengate"?
Has Barack tried to unify the country? Bring people together? Just the opposite! He's a champion of class warfare, he is causing a bitter divide between the haves and the have nots
The father figure in Obama's life (he wrote about him in his autobiography) just happens to be a...(surprise!)Communist
These Clinton democrats know a lot more about Obama than you do
Sol Stern knows more about William Ayers than you do
Obama and his Anarchist associates
Friends helping friends...Obama and his Anarchist associates part two
"Why I hardly know the guy...I might have met him maybe a couple of times..."
Obama had a ghostwriter on his "Dreams" memoir...
The Audacity of Hype
Obama made a lot of money and political connections hanging out with domestic terrorists over the past two decades...yes, it goes back to his Columbia University days (of which Obama will tell you nothing about)
So, Obama and Ayers are not friends and associates...only distant neighbors, co-workers and political allies? Here's your chance to read about the evils of white supremacy that permeate the history of the U.S. government (or at least Ayers and Dohrn's view of it)
Senator Joe Lieberman-"If the shoe was on the other foot and John McCain had one of his earliest campaign events at the home of somebody who had formed a right-wing group that had bombed buildings, bet the Obama campaign would have been raising that question".
CNN wakes up and stops being a shill for Obama
That role has now been filled by the illustrious General Colin Powell
New York State Troopers were killed
One of Barry and Michelle's role models
Michelle and Barack supporting William Ayers (afterall he was rich and had a powerfully connected father in the Chicago Democratic Party)
William Ayers-"Is this, then, the truth?,"..."Not exactly"...will we ever hear the truth from him or Obama?
The one that got away...Bill Ayers mourns the past...
Bill Ayers re-writes history...
Selective Amnesia, Bill Ayers glosses over the truth and concocts his own view of American history...
The Unrepentant Terrorist that is teaching your children and you wouldn't believe what he taught Barack Obama
Why did Obama choose Chicago? He didn't, Chicago chose him
What classes did Obama take at Occidental? Columbia? Harvard? Who did he know? Who influenced him to transfer to NYC? Who gave him a recommendation to attend Harvard? It wouldn't be in Obama's best interest (wouldn't advance his career) to answer such questions
February 18th 2008, Madison, Wisconsin Michelle has a moment of clarity and truth-telling, but only a moment..."for the first time...finally proud..."
While Michelle was in the Treehouse, Barack was in the doghouse
Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) records
Michael Klonsky, Communist...Thanks for the money...Nice doing business with you Barack!
Are you down with OPM? Yes, Obama's been giving away Other People's Money for years (Woods Fund of Chicago)
More on the Woods Fund. The group that gives your tax dollars away to professional victims..."those who:Encounter discrimination, exploitation, and other barriers to job opportunity, job retention, and job advancement based on race, immigration status, and gender
One more foundation in Chicago that paid Obama big bucks to push forward it's leftist (anti-American) agenda
The world as it should this change we can believe in?
Obama is not too comfortable with the 1st Amendment when his critics are allowed to speak the truth about him
Not allowed to tell the truth or speak from the heart, just stick with the script the Obama people gave you
Obama's lawyers want to shut you up and sue you into silence
"Spread the wealth"? Let's not focus on Obama's socialist agenda. Let's instead try to smear Joe the Plumber. Quid pro quo? Okay let's look into the financial hi-jinks and tax liens owed by Obama's friends and family
Joe the six-term Senator also known as Mr. MBNA
Obama and his voting record Yes, No, Present?
Obama's Family Reunion
Daddy Dearest (BHO, Sr.) was a Commie Pinko, gee, I wonder why no one in the media thought it worth mentioning...
Obama's aunt in Boston is an illegal alien who donated to his campaign and visited him to witness his swearing in to the U.S. Senate in 2005
Obama isn't going to do anything about the illegal alien issue, he doesn't even want to bring up the subject
The Politics of Kenya
"we're going to change the country and change the world." Those words would be positive and uplifting if they weren't coming from a Socialist
Obama's Selma Speech-fanciful misremembering or deliberate fabrication?
Obama spinning a yarn about Selma and so many other brilliant moments in his history
Obama recalls "being a child...", No, he doesn't. That is pure fiction.
Obama's "Community Organizer" past has not passed and ACORN's presence is still present and they both have big changes planned for your future
These two nuts deserve each other, but we (the American people) deserve better
ACORN supports McCain...Ha! Had you going there for a second
Brian Kettenring, ACORN's head organizer in Florida insults WalMart
Obama supporters are loving and tolerant
Junior Achievement? More peace loving and tolerant Obama supporters around Chicago
The real gun nuts are supporters of Obama
Another Obama supporter tries to show how clever he is, but all he shows is the racism is coming from the libs. on the left
The "Advocate" does not advocate voting for Obama
Obama supporters accused of voter fraud? Say it ain't so!
More voter fraud...this time in Louisiana, but you have to prove it and Democrats say the burden is on the registrars
Obama donates $800,000.00. C'mon Barack! Are friends that hard to come by that you have to buy them?
This makes at least 20 states who are investigating ACORN voter fraud
ACORN voter fraud...I don't know about you, but I am starting to see a pattern
NBC has stopped reporting the news and now joins forces with ACORN to make the news because we all know how difficult it is to vote and how easy it is to become a victim
Cuyahoga Election Board in Ohio alerts ACORN to fraudulent applications turned in by them, Project Vote attorney Brian Moller claims "We're the victims here!"
We learn more of the truth on ACORN, Project Vote and Barack Obama
Ohio Secretary of State (democrat) reluctant to follow voter rules despite order from Federal Judge
2885 Brownlee Avenue...More voter fraud in Ohio
More out of state Obama supporters get caught voting in Ohio
The Ohio Secretary of State finally faces the facts and has to admit there is rampant voter fraud in her state and she is part of the problem
News from to vote when you live "in" the Ohio River
Dead fish in Illinois supported Obama
The Dead Are Among Us! least in voting booths in Ohio and they are supporting Obama
Yes, I believe the meek shall inherit the earth, but the ignorant masses want Barack Obama to be their leader
Every "victim" has a story...hear how incredibly hard it is to vote. With such compelling "stories" Hollywood would be remiss in not making their cries for justice into a full-length motion picture or weekly television show
If you don't vote for Obama, you are a racist
Disenfranchised voters or Obama obfuscation?
Suddenly the NY Times is concerned about the validity of voter rolls? They should check their math and their facts before they make baseless allegations
Obama files lawsuit to keep election officials in Michigan "occupied"
Obama accuses McCain of what he is guilty of in receiving fraudulent campaign donations
Now you know why Obama pays his lawyer the big bucks
Cash and cigarettes is all it takes for some to violate state and federal election laws
Osama gets his name on the ballot in New York state
Embezzlement of almost a million dollars, no accountability? Sounds like a criminal enterprise that should be investigated by the IRS
Just like old times...dead voters in Chicago support the democratic candidate for president
Business as usual...the way Obama learned politics in Illinois
Alice Palmer helped Barack Obama begin in politics while Barack Obama helped end Alice Palmer's time in politics
More on Obama's stellar past in Chicago
Barack Obama, New Party member seeking change at any cost
Want to learn more about Obama's associates? Simply google the name Nadhmi Auchi
and of course if you have done your research on Obama's past employers and financial supporters you know all about Allison S. Davis
You may think you know dirty politics, but Chicago can teach you a lot about ethics or present itself as a textbook case of what not to do
Barry Obama, Basketball Star, yeah right!
Just a basketball buddy and political ally of Barack's from Chicago
Sarah Barracuda, Sarah Palin was a better basketball player than Obama in high school and she actually played in college
Let Obama teach you how to make money in Real to buy a $1.95 million dollar house when you don't have $1.95 million
Democracia USA? Funny business in Florida when it comes to tampering with voter registration forms
"Do Facts Matter?" Thank you Thomas Sowell
With all his pandering and empty promises Obama doesn't want to be President, he wants to be Santa Claus
Obama promises everything to everyone, forget Ol' Saint should start writing wish-list letters to Barack
Ready for free government handouts? Just get in line behind Peggy Joseph
Peggy Joseph, Part Deux...the extended version
Obama been lyin'
Obama is overrated
One more Obama "Advisor" mocks and ridicules his opponent
Tommy Vietor speaks for Obama
Ben LaBolt...Spokesman for Obama
Bill Burton, official Obama apologist
David Axelrod, the man who tells Barack what to say on those teleprompters
Once more Obama has to backpeddle and deny the truth...
Obamamania-a delusion that is sweeping the nation
Jerome Corsi's "Obama Nation"? Yes, it's as funny and as fact-filled as everyone says it
Penny Pritzker and all of Obama's billionaire puppetmasters
Is this change we can believe in? Poor Penny Pritzker doesn't want to do the "Commerce thing". She wants to build businesses? She should be in jail making license plates, not in the White House
Commerce Secretary?!!! Thank the heavens she has said, "No". Even the democrats wouldn't confirm that choice. Penny Pritzker and others have bought Obama and will remain behind the scenes living the life of a billionaire, but you as taxpayers will pay the price
Pay no attention to the man behind the Obama!
Franklin Delano...
Harry Reid passes on his knowledge and wisdom about Raines and Obama
California A.G. Jerry Brown knows about questionable loans to Obama's friends and associates
This is how you win an cheating. ACORN, are you taking notes?
"Stealing Elections", the book Obama doesn't want you to read
Militant Islamists? No! They're just misunderstood...
Trinity United Church of Christ honors a man...
Barack's face is still on their website, but they removed his speech
Barack X
The Harlem Day Parade? According to these guys..."the New York City Police Department, in a reckless and outrageous expression of police abuse, senselessly attacked the New Black Panther Party’s contingent"
The Harlem Day Parade? Here's what really happened..."Cops made more than a dozen arrests and recovered 14 illegal firearms"..."Six people - including a 15-year-old girl - were wounded in four shootings in less than an hour". America's future looks bright with Barack in charge
You want to falsely accuse Gov. Palin of being connected to a secessionist movement? How about Barack? Is Obama for the United States or does he have other plans?
How come no one seems to know anything about or care about CAIR?
Nancy Pelosi and the other democratic finanical wizards will simply tell you the economy is all President Bush's fault. If you have the time and inclination to learn the truth, start with this article
Forget Obama, this is the change Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid want to see
Insightful political commentary?
Thank you for your support Lindsay!
If you're a big fan of unicorns and rainbows...
Pick the Hapa Haole kid who went to a Muslim school
"Shame on Danny..." even Senator Inouye suffers from white guilt when he dares to question Obama's background
You can't legislate recovery. Obama envisions himself to be the FDR of the 21st Century and bring you more government
Does Sen. John Kerry want a FDR type new "New Deal"? Or does he want to be Obama's Secretary of State?
Style over Substance? "Obama’s handlers offered the political version of “American Idol”
If you don't endorse Obama you're off the plane
Want to be President? Just have your rich friends give you 579 million dollars
The Dems worshipping an empty suit
Are you looking to be fleeced? Well...then Obama's your man
Profile of a typical Obama supporter, newbies to the election process and voting for the first time in November
Greg G. gets it right (again!) in explaining the hysteria over Obama
Obama-Nation or Abomination?
"It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument" -William G. McAdoo, Video from election day of "well-informed" Obama supporters
Obama is liberal? Says who?
Obama is spending like there is no tomorrow...
Guess who is supporting Obama
Did Fannie Mae pay Obama over $120,000.00 for his support or his silence?
We're voting for Obama! A photo line-up of BHO supporters
West Hollywood shows it's support for Obama
Another vote for Obama in California
The devil went down to Georgia and he told people they had to vote for Obama
You too can become a "Community Organizer". You just need the federal government to give you a couple of million dollars
Thank you Gina Gershon. The American Legion and VFW appreciate your contribution to political discourse
Loyal Americans who's opinion you can trust
Your tax dollars are going to radical non-profits that are trying to destroy the America you know and love
Wiley coyote-the man who inspired Obama and legions of professional victims
If McCain had collected tens of millions in illegal foreign campaign contributions the NY Times would be screaming it from the rooftops!
Millions in illegal donations to Obama and the FEC does nothing
Did you donate money to Obama? Are you sure? Better check your credit card statement, Obama campaign credit card fraud finally makes the news
Button, Button, who's got the Button? A loyal democrat leaves because she is fed up with the phoniness of Obama
Rezko? Tony Rezko? The name doesn't ring a bell
Should Obama dismiss...
Your tax dollars at work
Barney Frank offering his expert opinion on the "financial crisis"?
Barney Frank once more..."I think there are a lot of rich people out there who we can tax"
In their own words...let the Democrats show you (on C-SPAN) how they recklessly ran the country into the ground. Enjoy!
Nancy Pelosi demonstrates (again on C-SPAN) how she is able to work in a bipartisan manner to bring the country together
Senator Obama...working hard, representing the people
Do you want to know the truth? If you want to see the real his name + teleprompter and you will find several videos of him stuttering and stammering when the screen goes blank and so does his mind
Charming and eloquent? Or just a highly paid "actor" reading his lines? Obama sometimes rehearses, but most times depends on his teleprompter to tell him what to say
Obama facing tough questions and delivering his answers in a clear, concise manner. Yeah, right! If he had only stuck to the script his handlers gave him
Americans deserve serious answers...wait a minute...what was the question?
I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God
I don't recall it being part of the Democratic Party platform, but Charlie Rangel just said Barack Obama was going to save the entire world!
Following in lockstep behind "The One", Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia telling us about the enemy of the state..."those with a simplistic notion that people who have wealth are entitled to keep it..."
and in summary...more than a few reasons explaining why Obama does not have the qualifications or character to be president
3:59:36 Marathon in August 2005
Bryan Clay at the RNC
Meghan writes about her Dad
Curt Schilling
Joe Perry from Aerosmith supports McCain
12,000 Flags in Denver
A good book to read
A fun movie to see
"Integrity is not a 90 percent thing, not a 95 percent thing; either you have it or you don't."
-Peter Scotese

"A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life."
-Muhammad Ali