It's amazing that someone can have that much natural talent and speed, but their experiences have taught them nothing.
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Here is Stephanie, drying her nails while running a 5:17 per mile avg. over this 10km in 2008. Could she run faster if she knew how to run? Yes! In the final stretch she was beaten by one woman by one second and another by six seconds. If you don't break your wrists or have flippity floppity hands than yes, you can dig deep, lift those knees and have the power to outkick your opponents over the final 200 meters.
Photo by Scott A. Schneider
I want to thank Mr. Schneider for his permission in allowing me to use the above photo.
Race Results...
It was an amazing time for a Masters runner, but somewhere along the line she never had a high school coach, college coach or professional coach that could teach her proper form and if she had it would make all the difference in the world.