Oahu Runners?
The time has come for you to be coached by the best long distance running coach in Hawaii.
I coach runners from all over the world via e-mail and meet with the Faerber's Flyers once a week on the track at UH-Manoa.
Contact me now if you want to be one of a select few runners in 2018 to be coached by me.
$120.00 is all you pay.
I will be offering Individual and Specialized Coaching from 1-1-2018 to 12-31-2018, these are one-on-one sessions and include e-mail coaching.
Full Payment must be received before
November 30, 2017.
Send a $120.00 domestic U.S. Postal Money Order to:
Tom Peterson
PO Box 61611
Honolulu, HI 96839-1611
Please include your e-mail address with payment.
For more information
e-mail me at
The November 2017 Deadline has passed,
but if you are absolutely desperate
and think you must be coached by me in 2018
drop me a line via e-mail
and tell me of your plans and goals.
I can make the time for you...
but you must be willing to put in the training time
and it will cost you double my rates listed above. Everyone else will have to wait until 2019.
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Former 2:40 marathoner Jeannie Wokasch out for a little fun run in December 2009