Bad Examples
In distance running we prefer to have smart teachers and good role models, but sometimes we can learn from bad examples. This is my website. These are my opinions. The following are links to photos found on the web demonstrating poor running form (sloppy, or inefficient biomechanics). Some of these people may be experienced runners with experienced coaches, BUT...IMHO they've both got a lot to learn. Whether they are willing to learn is another matter and if you know these runners or are one of these runners...don't take it personally, just take it. You may be good, you may be smart, you may be fast, but judging by these've still got a lot to learn. Is that such a bad thing? We're talking about potential here. You may have natural talent, but without the right role models, coaches or environment will you truly reach that next level? If you think you are so right and I am so wrong, feel free to drop me a line via e-mail and tell me why I am wrong.
Ten Miler in Newburyport, MA 2008
"A Full Life"
"Answer Questions"
"Oahu Runners"
"The Next Step"
"Bad Examples"
Women's Olympic Marathon Trials in Boston 2008
NCAA D1 XC in 2004 #621
Weak left wrist, he now coaches DII in South Carolina
She has over 50 books on the subject
Yes, it's only High School, but she was Top Ten at the State XC Championship meet
Yikes! That is bad's okay, I know the guy that calls himself her Coach
Fifth fastest in the country...
Fifth fastest in the country Pt. 2, let's hope Coach Peterson can work on her form for track season
2:13 Marathoner and "Coach"?
If only they knew how little their "Head XC Coach" knows
They call me Slim Shady
Yeah, 5:17 per mile pace and yet...
I Can't Explain It...
More Bad Photos to come
More Bad Photos to come
One very good example
A Division One school going through the motions and pretending to have a Cross Country team.
Do NOT stretch after a marathon! I repeat...Do EN-OH-TEE not stretch after a marathon. It's a rookie mistake, ask any medical doctor or exercise physiologist about the microtears in the muscle fiber and the further damage you will be doing.
Either she doesn't want to learn or no one wants to teach her.
In all my years I have known some miserable runners, race directors and race officials.
Know you have the option to Run Away!
More Bad Photos to come
More Bad Photos to come