I am the greatest professional marathon coach that you've never heard of. If that's okay with you, we should talk.
What is a Coach?
Well, for me I advise and assist, coach and counsel, inform and inspire, mentor and motivate, promote and protect, teach and tutor. What those other guys do that call themselves coaches I don't know. It's downright scary sometimes the people that claim to be coaches.
I have been at this since the 1970's and have coached American women in every U.S. Olympic Marathon Trial since 1984.
If your high school or college coach isn't cutting it or if you want more, need more or think you deserve more it's okay to get a second opinion.
I have coached record holders, national champions and Olympians and yet often am not their first coach. You may have a famous coach, but if they are busy coaching other elite athletes and you feel their focus is not quite on you or your ultimate goals than it's time to shop for someone smarter, better, more experienced.
One quick question for you...
Do you know how much they don't know? The answer will surprise you. You may have already run a marathon in your teen years, but you will not peak until you reach the ages between 28 and 31. If you are 25 or under and still have the track speed that's winning races and making you money than you should stick with the shorter distances, but if you would like to step it up and reach your full potential than now is a good time. Your high school or college coach may have the best of intentions, but if they are new to the sport and know nothing of training for a marathon, then I can help you. The object of the game... and it is a game is to get to your goal marathon rested and ready, happy and healthy. If you're in it for the long run and want to reach the next level, e-mail me and share with me your hopes and dreams.
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I am available to Coach dedicated Long Distance Runners. If you are smart enough to know you are not smart enough...yet, than I can help you achieve your goals.